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Social Commentator
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Academic Profile

Sessional MBA, Postgraduate and Undergraduate lecturer, tutor, subject coordinator and workshop facilitator since 2012.

Authored 40 newspaper and community magazine articles, and three academic journal articles.

Winner of LTSU academic of the year, Dean’s Commendation award twice, and La Trobe Gold award thrice. Known for constant very positive teaching feedback.

Produced a series of teaching and learning videos which were published by La Trobe Business School and viewed by more than 12,000 undergraduate and postgraduate business students. These videos are also used by the La Trobe University Learning Management System as a part of the official coursework for Business Economics.

Appointed as a working member to collaborate on projects and strategies for the La Trobe University Academic Board, Academic Quality Committee, and International Strategy Committee.

Certified by Babson College (USA) in innovative teaching methods.

ALLY Network member supporting GLBTI staff & students at La Trobe University.

AMES certified academic for students with a refugee background.

Hold memberships for MENSA, Golden Key, La Trobe University Student Union life membership, Toastmasters and The Swiss Chalet Finishing School.

Commercial Experience


Key Learning Transformation Expertise:

Leadership: Engaging, supportive, vibrant leader with six years’ experience as a coordinator for the La Trobe University Residential Services, focussing on pastoral care and academic progress of undergraduate and postgraduate residential students. I also hosted my own radio talk show called ‘Soch’ where engaging and progressive discussions were conducted on various social issues. 

Strategic Planning: Conducted large-scale academic mentorship and academic peer support review for La Trobe University Residential Services in 2012 and 2013.

Collaboration and Engagement: Led and collaborated in several university committees such as Academic Board, Academic Quality Committee, and International Strategy Committee with outside stakeholders such as Alexandria Agenda and National Association of Australian University Colleges. Presented at 21 conferences including two international conferences and published 35 student life and student experience related articles.

Innovative and Transformative Learning: As the president of International Students’ Association and Post Graduate officer managed transforming modern learning spaces within the La Trobe University library and the design and delivery of quality learning supports, a focus on increasing student friendly operation hours and after-hours security. 

Learning and Teaching Evaluation: More than five years’ experience monitoring and evaluating learning transformation projects at Darebin and Whittlesea City council’s youth mentorship and tutoring projects. 


Professional Experience


La Trobe Business School, Melbourne, Australia

Key Responsibilities: 

I have coordinated the following subjects: Organisational Change and Development, Business Ethics, Foundations of Management, and Strategic Management.

Course planning, course design and development, course delivery, selection of educational resources, assessment, students’ learning outcomes and course evaluation. Assisting at Assessors Meetings. Considering academic records for potential graduands

Conducting orientation sessions at the course level (in conjunction with Faculty and School activities. Overseeing administration of student progress. Providing course specific advice to students. Providing course promotion and recruitment in conjunction with the Faculty Office

Key Highlights: 

Subjects coordinated by me had a high student satisfaction rate.


La Trobe Business School and Chisholm Institute – Melbourne, Australia 

Key Responsibilities: 

As a lecturer: preparing and delivering lectures, and conducting tutorials and seminars, preparing and marking essays, assignments and examinations, advising students on academic and related matters, attending departmental and faculty meetings, conferences and seminars, participating in setting course and degree requirements, curriculum revision and academic planning, undertaking consultancies in a particular field of knowledge, stimulating and guiding class discussions, compiling bibliographies of specialised materials for reading assignments.

As a workshop facilitator: preparing and conducting tutorials and seminars, preparing and marking essays, assignments and examinations, advising students on academic and related matters, attending departmental and faculty meetings, conferences and seminars.

Checking and assessing students' work, encouraging personal development via tutorial or pastoral work, invigilating examinations, writing research proposals, papers and other publications, reading academic journals, and attending and speaking at conferences and seminars.

Key Highlights: 

Subjects undertaken for teaching till date: States Security and International Relations, Modern World Economy, Business Economics, Business in a Globalised World, Interpersonal skills and conflict management, Foundations of Management, Strategic Management, Remuneration and Performance Management, Entrepreneurship, Organisational Change and Development, and Strategic Management and Marketing.

Constantly achieved very positive teaching feedbacks from students.

Winner of La Trobe University Student Union award for favourite academic and also academic of the year. 

I am known for using modern teaching methods and innovative techniques to suit a wide range of students with diverse backgrounds and learning needs.

Residential Coordinator Jan 2009 – Dec 2013

La Trobe Residential Services – Melbourne, Australia 

Key Responsibilities: 

Designing educational and mentorship programs for the residents encouraging innovative learning and living within the residences. 

Understanding, supporting, following, enforcing, designing and educating students and staff about the following: DRS Drug and Alcohol Rules, RA Handbook, Residential Agreement, Code of Conduct, and Rules of Residence.

Promoting an appropriate living and learning environment within the residence by encouraging participation and ensuring residents have the best possible opportunities to achieve success.

Work carefully and conscientiously to produce the most harmonious links and relationships possible between the RAs; provide them with advice and direction.

Key Highlights: 

Leadership award for best leader of the year.

Developed a tie up between residential services and the international office of La Trobe university to form a committee working towards the joint aim of international student academic development and wellbeing.


Community Engagement

Postgraduate Officer Jan 2014 – Dec 2015

La Trobe University Student Union – Melbourne, Australia 

Key Responsibilities: 

I was the voice of postgraduate students at all levels of the university and campaign for their rights and provision of improved facilities.

Organised social events as well as skill building workshops and professional development seminars. 

Organised networking sessions for postgraduate students and inviting key speakers from the industry.

Key Highlights: 

Winner of La Trobe University Gold award thrice for community service and student engagement.

Developed a new successful and constructive relationship between the student union and the vice chancellor of La Trobe University. This was a first in the history of the student union. 

President Jan 2012 – Dec 2014

La Trobe International Students’ Association – Melbourne, Australia 

Key Responsibilities: 

Standing up for international students when they felt their rights are not respected

Promoting the sharing of diverse culture among Australians and internationals and meeting regularly with the Director of La Trobe International to discuss issues and strategies revolving international students. 

Organising skill building, professional development and social networking events for members.

Key Highlights: 

Increased funding for the organization.

Developed industry partnerships that enabled international students receive training and internship opportunities.

Program Manager and Tutor May 2008 – May 2011

City Councils of Darebin and Whittlesea – Melbourne, Australia 

Key Responsibilities: 

Actively participate in brainstorming sessions regarding the strategies of the city councils to serve the international, refugee background and at-risk students. 

Research, provide input and conduct independent surveys to understand the needs and improvements towards the target students. 

Design new programs and review existing strategies towards the social, educational and professional development of target students.

Key Highlights: 

Successfully applied for grants for the Darebin Overseas Students Association project.

Successfully developed skill building programs for youth at risk and for students of refugee backgrounds.



· PhD in Politics │ La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia) | May 2013 – Ongoing.

· Master of International Relations with Honours │ La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia) | Aug 2011 – May 2013. 

· Bachelor of Economics (Dean’s Commendation) │ La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia) | July 2009 – July 2011.

· Diploma of Business Administration (Two Academic Achievement Awards) │ La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia) | Jul 2008 – Jun 2009 

· Double Bachelor of Science (Physics and Math) │ University of Mumbai – Sathye College (India) | July 2002 – July 2006


Technical Skills

LMS: creation of turnitin links, creating entire subject coursework on the system.

Microsoft Office:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access.

Padlet: Creation of padlets for interactive classroom teaching.  

Excellent presentation skills – Trained at Swiss Chalet finishing school.

Excellent research skills – PhD qualification that included qualitative research of 125 subjects.

Written and verbal communication skills – regular writer for community newspapers.

Expertise in management, business, HR, Economics, International Relations and international student development and experience.


Professional Skills

Course Designing: Designed course for youth at risk with Whittlesea   City Council.

Subject Coordination: Coordinated subjects for the Sydney campus of La   Trobe University.

Lecturing: Experienced in lecturing a wide range of subjects for both   postgraduate and undergraduate students with the La Trobe Business School and   Chisholm Institute.

Quality Management: Experienced   in evaluating academic and peer mentorship programs for the residential   colleges at La Trobe University. 



Dr. Suzanne O’keefe
Associate Professor, La Trobe Business School, Department of Economics and Finance.

Melbourne, Australia.

T: +61 2 6024 9831 E:

Dr Geraldine Kennett
Professor of Practice - Management, La Trobe Business School, Department of Management and Marketing.

T: +61 0 9479 3755 T: +61 0 61 497 802 E:

Dr Bret Slade
Associate Professor - Management, La Trobe Business School, Department of Management and Marketing.

Tel: +613 5444 7248 E: 



6th Dan Black Belt in Goju Ryu

3rd Dan Black Belt in Shinbukan Jui-Jitsu

3rd Dan Black Belt in Kobudo

Blue Sash in Wing Chun Kung Fu

Former South Asian full contact kumite champion

Former National Gold Medalist in Jui-Jitsu

Founder of Goju Ryu Arya Kai

Co-founder of World Peace Karate

Member of Olympic Committee of Asia

Member of World Martial Arts Organisation

Regular self defence trainer for LTSU Women's Department

Corporate self defence trainer

Former Indian Navy Seals hand to hand combat trainer

Regular guest trainer for Maharashtra Reserve police Force (also called the 'RIOT POLICE SQUAD')